Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Drop-in Bobbin Case Position

Here's a picture of an open Drop-in Bobbin System.  This is a picture I took of a Bernette, but is similar to a Singer 7422.  The bobbin holder (sometimes called a bobbin basket or bobbin case) is in its place in the top picture.  You shouldn't have to loosen any screws to remove the bobbin holder.  But if it's hard to get out, turn the hand wheel until the opening in the hook is just below the retention finger.  The hook is the metal ring that goes around when you turn the hand wheel.  To put the bobbin holder back in, there's a small bump at the front, that can bounce on the spring.  And a bigger, flat bump on the opposite side that the finger will touch.

Some other sewing machine mechanic wanted to charge $40 to put a bobbin holder in!?!?  You can do this!!!


  1. Thank you for this advice. I struggled for a very long time trying to take the bobbin case out. When my machine flashes the code E7, taking the bobbin case out and reinserting it seems to do the trick, but it's strange. What does E7 mean? I have a Singer Patchwork, and it's only 2 years old at the most.

  2. Oh dear... I can't seem to take out my bobbin holder at all! I had some fabric stuck around it ( I think?), removed it but since then the whole thing seems to be out of place and moving around. The needle hits the hard flat part of the basket and I am just stuck...:( What to do??

  3. Hi Joanna,

    The bobbin basket needs to come out and be re-positioned. Remove the needle, then tug on the bobbin basket as you turn the handwheel. When the opening in the hook is in the right position, the bobbin basket will come out more easily. If it’s still hard to get in and out, you can loosen the retainer finger – just loosen it, don’t remove the screws. Then you need to check it for scars. When the plastic bobbin basket jumps like that, it sometimes gets cut on the metal. If there are scars, use a very fine sandpaper (400 grit) and gently sand it smooth. It just takes a few strokes. Then put it back in so the plastic bump will hit the spring in the front/right side. if you had to loosen the retainer finger, reposition it so there is “play” between it and the bobbin basket – not tight against it. Re-tighten the screws. Put a new needle in. If it still hits the bobbin basket, the timing is out, and you’ll need to take it to your sewing machine mechanic.

    I hope you’re back to sewing soon!

  4. Thank you! I watched vids looked at diagrams but only figured it out using your explanation here. Thanks for your help :)