Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rotary Hook That Jams

Lynnette has a Pfaff Performance 2056 that is jamming.  Here's a picture of a stationary rotary hook system's retainer and finger.  You can see more details of a Stationary Rotary Hook in the tab, "How To Clean And Oil The Bobbin Area."  Here's a link: 

Hi Lynnette,

It sounds like there’s something caught in the bobbin/hook area.  “The shaft” is called the “hook.”  I believe your machine has a rotary hook system, so the hook doesn’t come out.

You need to take the needle plate off and look at it from the top.  Rotary hooks tend to get thread tangles behind the hook.  If there are thread tangles, remove them.  At the shop I use tweezers and a hooked seam ripper (Havel’s).

Another thing that happens with rotary hooks is the retainer finger comes out of position.  There are 2 parts to your hook.  One part should turn around, and the other should stay stationary.  The stationary part has a little finger to hold it in place.  I’ll attach a picture so you can see what I’m talking about.  The red arrow is pointing to the finger and the blue arrow is pointing to the retainer.

One more idea…  The pointed part of the hook can get damaged.  You can feel it with your finger.  If it’s got burrs on it, you can gently polish it with very fine sandpaper (400 grit).

Good Luck to you!

Update:  Lynnette sent me some great videos.  I think we've found the solution...

Hi Lynnette,

Great videos!  The thread passage is too tight, or the finger is damaged.  

So first, try adjusting where the finger goes into the retainer.  The finger needs to pull out, away from the machine a little bit.  If you look up, under the needle plate, you should see a way to adjust the finger.  With some it’s a nut that gets loosened, with others it’s a little screw.  The retainer should just barely hold the finger in place. 

If the finger is damaged, you can try to take it out of the machine and polish it with a very fine sandpaper (about 400 gritt), then put it back in.  However, if it’s severely damaged, the finger should be replaced.

Any rotary hook will make a little noise every time it makes a complete rotation.  What happens is the retainer will move back and forth on the finger.  As it touches the finger, it will make a little “tap” sound.

Good detective work!