Sunday, February 5, 2017

Singer Bobbin Winder

I had a question about how to put a Singer 4562 bobbin winder back together.  Here's a picture of a Singer 30920 bobbin winder.  I hope they're similar enough.

As you can see, the spring hooks onto the arm above it, and just "pokes" into the hole below it.


  1. I looked about your post about the bobbin winder clutch - - I am looking for a way to get the end of the flywheel off of a Singer industrial 20U83. After I disengaged the needle to fill a bobbin, it won't tighten and re-engage. There must be something underneath the small center knob like a ring that is misaligned? The problem is that I can't get the knob off to look underneath. I took the screw out and tried to twist off, but nothing works. Any ideas?


  2. Hi Sarah,

    When the center knob is stuck on tight, I use my rubber mechanic gloves or strap wrenches. I just got some new rubber mechanic gloves at Lowe’s, in with the garden gloves. They were $10. I had to order the strap wrenches online. You can also try to spray some WD-40 in between the center knob and handwheel.

    Good Luck!

  3. I had the same problem now I am planning to bring it to the shop to get it fix. I am currently making a project and just bought some Dressmaking Fabrics hope to finish it on deadline.

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