Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pfaff Bobbin Winder Clutch

I got a question this morning about how to put a Pfaff bobbin winder clutch back together.  I happen to have a Pfaff 1197 at home, so I've taken it apart, and here's how to put it back together.
I've taken the top of the machine and the side panel off.  Then unscrew the plastic screw in the center of the knob.  Work the outside belt off so you can remove the knob.
Here's what the knob looks like inside.  There are 2 black plastic knob parts, one black part with an oval hole, one white part and a small spring.
The first thing to do is to put the spring in place.  It just sits in the little trough that is molded to just the right size.
Next, put the white plastic part in.  The white part has a post on the underside that fits into a small round hole.
 Then put the black part with the oval hole onto the center shaft.  The protrusion will go into the square hole in the handwheel.
Now position the white part so it rides on the outside of the black part.

Then put the center knob on top, with the black post going into the curved trough on the knob.

Hold the parts together as you put it back on the shaft.  Then put the belt back on.

Put the washer on the plastic screw, and carefully screw it into the shaft.  Don't tighten it too tight, or you'll break the screw off.  Dang!  It's a good thing I can get a replacement part #0401655-BSCREW  Pfaff Hand Wheel Black Plastic.  Retail on those is about $6.


  1. Oh Thank you, Thank you so much. I literally ( and figuratively ) don't have words to thank you enough.
    You went all that trouble --- from opening the machine,taking photos, putting machine back ) and made a whole post about it. This helpfulness and kindness is so great .
    I will try to do my best with my Pfaff. I think my assembly doesn't have the spring, because I didn't find any when I opened it. It must have been lost during some tinkering by previous owner.
    I will take the part to a hardware store and try to find a spring, which fit in the grove.
    And every time I would look at my Pfaff, even if I am not able to get it running, I will always send a prayer to your way.
    Thank you again.

  2. Hi I have been trying this for hours. Part of the inside black piece sometime gets engaged in the spring and I did have to squeeze the spring to get it into the trough it is supposed to sit in. It doesn't slideinto the channel to turn the the drive piece of the machine. It doesn't seem like it should be this hard. Can you help

    1. Hi Dawn,

      I wonder if the grease is holding it back? These machines have a whiteish grease that turns into a hard wax that has to be chipped away. It’s the only thing I can think of… Do you want to send me a picture?